Aymar Navarro, hospitalized for acute pulmonary edema in Kathmandu

The Freerider for the treatment of pulmonary edema
The freerider who treats pulmonary edema PHOTO: Aymar Navarro

Aymar Navarro He is not going through his best moment. That adventure that he undertook Himalayas, together to the Italian mountaineer Simone Moro, It has been seen truncated. The Aranese have been forced to return to Kathmandu due to an acute pulmonary oedema.

He skier had on a year of preparation conscientiously ascending with Moro to a peak of the Himalayas at about six thousand meters and skiing down. The adventure will have to wait according to their development and the doctors’ decision.

Navarro will make a decision next Tuesday
Navarro will make a decision next Tuesday
PHOTO: Aymar Navarro

Aymar Navarro’s illness for the Himalayan expedition

The Aranese freerider was in one of his best sporting moments. After leaving the FWT circuit last winter at the Baqueira test, Navarro entered a new sporting scene.

X-ray of Aymar Navarro's lung
X-ray of Aymar Navarro’s lung

The adventure in Nepal began in mid-September. The Aranese skier faced his first major altitude challenge with an expedition to the Himalayase la mano by The North Face.

Everything had to come out of his mouth until a toothache when a toothache forced him to go down from the Khumbu Valley to Kathmandu to be treated by a dentist. Back to base camp, dyspnea brought him back to the hospital when they discovered acute pulmonary edema.

“Possibly due to the medication to reverse the tooth infection, plus prolonged overexertion at altitude has been the cause” of the accident.

The continuity of the freerider’s adventure hangs by a thread

Aymar himself Navarro assured that he is very disappointed. Not in vain, he had trained thoroughly for more than a year.

“I have prepared thoroughly for this project for more than a year, and you cannot imagine how many hours I have invested in training and behind the screen to make everything work perfectly. “That this happened to me while I was on the verge of the best moment, just as the action began, so many months dreamed and waited for this opportunity,” explained Navarro from the hospital.

The Arane is recovering in hospital and the continuity of this adventure with Moro hangs by a thread.

“I can only thank my entire team for taking care of me during these difficult and intense days when I have been feeling really bad. And especially to Simone Moro, for being the best possible companion on this expedition, to the 8k company for their great professionalism from the moment we arrived here and above all thanks to @thenorthface for believing in me and giving me the opportunity to to try to fulfill this dream.”

Now It’s time to rest completely and wait until Tuesday to see her development. Not in vain, it will pass new medical tests and from that you can to take -one decision.

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