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NEW DELHI: The BJP on Wednesday urged the Election Commission (EC) to take decisive action against Congress leader Rahul Gandhi for his recent statements that two categories of soldiers were created by Modi’s government.
The BJP delegation, led by senior leaders including External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar and union ministers Arjun Ram Meghwal and Rajeev Chandrasekhar, lodged a formal complaint with the Election Commission.
“A few days ago, Rahul Gandhi said that Narendra Modi has created two types of soldiers, one consists of sons of those who are poor and belong to dalit, adivasi, backward, economically weaker sections of the general category and minorities, while the second includes those who are sons of rich, Jaishankar told reporters after meeting the officials of the poll panel.
Gandhi made the alleged remarks at a rally criticizing the Modi government Agnipath Recruitment Scheme for soldiers. “As soon as the Indian alliance government comes, we will end the Agniveer scheme. India does not need two types of martyrs. Everyone should get a pension,” Gandhi had said at a rally in Bihar’s Bhagalpur.
Gandhi also promised to implement a minimum tax and to write off farmers’ debts. “We will change the GST. There will be one tax, the minimum tax. We will double the wages of Asha and Anganwadi workers,” he said. Jaishankar condemned these comments as baseless and damaging to the morale of the armed forces, characterizing them as an attempt to politicize and undermine national security.

‘Agniveer Scheme Discriminatory’: Rahul Gandhi’s big attack on PM Modi

Speaking to reporters after meeting poll officials, Jaishankar said, “Today we have all come to the Election Commission and the reason for this is that in the last few days we have repeatedly brought to the attention of the Election Commission the violations of the MCC by the Congress and other parties in the INDI alliance do.It is a matter of concern that no action has been taken.So today we have given them 22 such examples and we reiterated that you are aware and if no action is taken and such violations continue to happen, it will be a loss to the entire country because then there will be no respect for the standard of the code of conduct…”
Further explaining the incident that prompted them to file a complaint, Jaishankar said, “A few days ago Rahul Gandhi said that Narendra Modi has created two types of soldiers, one consisting of sons of those who are poor and belong to dalit, adivasi , backward. , economically weaker sections in the general category and minorities, while the other includes those who are sons of rich.

He further expressed his anger over the remarks, saying, “This is an attack on our armed forces. They want to make it a controversial issue and lower the morale of the armed forces. This is not an issue of elections. This is a matter of national security.”
The BJP delegation urged the EU to take stern action against Gandhi and demand a retraction of his statements. Jaishankar emphasized the seriousness of such allegations against the armed forces, especially during election periods, and stated that they pose a significant threat to the country’s security.
He highlighted previous instances where the Congress, led by Rahul, allegedly disparaged the armed forces, citing examples such as questioning military actions in Arunachal Pradesh and casting doubt on the success of operations like Balakot surgical strike and the Uri attacks. Jaishankar concluded by asserting that such attacks on the armed forces for political gain are intolerable and should be strongly countered.
“If during elections such attacks are carried out against the army which, deployed at our borders, is using all might to keep the country safe from Chinese forces and also stand firm against terrorism on the Pakistan border… If you attack them in such a manner without any reason and by spreading lies and saying that if they martyr, the government will not do anything for them, we take serious exception to that,” Jaishankar said.
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