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Israeli attacks on Palestinians dominate Indian news

Most of the Indian news media focused on the serious conflict in the region with the vision projected by the major media companies to justify Israel’s massacre in Gaza. Moreover, with their backs to the massive public meetings that take place in the South Asian country in favor of the …

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Apple relies on tata group for production of iPhones in India

New Delhi, (EFE).- The Government of India announced on Friday that the Indian conglomerate Tata Group will manufacture Apple’s iPhone mobile devices in India, targeting both the domestic and international markets. Continue reading: Fire at Apple supplier factory in India paralyzes iPhone production Within two-and-a-half years, the Tata Group will …

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India sets a date for its footprint on the Moon

India has joined the space race and does not want to be left behind. Its prime minister, Narendra Modi, has spoken to the president of the country’s space agency, Jitendra Singh, so that by 2035 they will have their own space station. The middle Atalayar reports that India aims to …

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Why cows are sacred in India

There are several explanations Up to date Friday, October 27, 2023 – 13:04 These animals roam freely through the country’s streets and cause accidents. Two cowsPixabay Victim a vaca profiting from one’s flesh is forbidden in almost the whole India. The predominant religion in this country is Hinduism and the …

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