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Collaborative approach in AI for health and agriculture agreed in India

In the final statement from the organization’s summit, which ends this Thursday in India, representatives of the 29 nations agreed to include the needs of developing states in the goals related to the advancement of artificial intelligence (AI).

Speaking to reporters, Union Minister for Information Technology Rajeev Chandrasekhar emphasized that GPAI will be at the center of shaping the future of AI in terms of innovation and collaboration among partner countries to create applications in healthcare, agriculture and other fields.

According to the document, the organization must focus on the countries of the Global South and make the benefits of the platforms and solutions available to all people in the world, he added.

Chandrasekhar pointed out that the GPAI member nations showed consensus to use the platform to create a global framework of trust and security regarding technology and make its access inclusive, democratic and accessible to all.

The Prime Minister also revealed India’s willingness to host the Partnership Governance Summit to finalize a common minimum framework and principles to ensure safe and trustworthy AI.

The three-day event brings together national and foreign experts in artificial intelligence with the aim of updating the international community on the progress of research in this sector.

As part of the event, several sessions were organized on the use of artificial intelligence in the sectors of global health, education, creativity and data management, among others.

The research symposium, Gamechangers Award for Artificial Intelligence, as well as an exhibition of more than 150 Indian companies and student initiatives were also organized.


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