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Condor Gold contributes to the social and economic development of communities in the La India mining district.

Nicaragua. Condor Gold, a company of British origin dedicated to the exploration and production of gold, continued during this year 2023 the various social and economic programs that have made it possible to improve the quality of life of the people of the La India mining district..

Since arriving in Nicaragua in 2006 for the development of the Mina La India project in the municipality of Santa Rosa del Peñón, department of León, Condor Gold has implemented 10 social, economic and environmental programs for the benefit of the inhabitants of the affected area. the mining project.

In addition to implementing 7 self-sustaining projects, led by older adults, women and youth, Condor Gold is currently conducting the Community Training Program, which has already graduated more than 100 community members into technical careers, allowing them to have more opportunities to enter the labor market.

Among the social programs carried out by Condor Gold are Agua Fresca and Agua es Vida, which aim to raise awareness among the population of the importance of proper care and use of this vital liquid. In addition, Condor Gold provides free drums of water suitable for human consumption to 358 homes and 433 families in the communities of Agua Fría and Santa Cruz de la India.

At the same time, it constantly supports health and education programs through the training of health brigades, teachers, students and the provision of educational materials to schools in the area of ​​​​the occurrence of the Mina La India project.

This year we worked hand in hand with 67 community leaders and health brigades from these communities.

As part of its corporate responsibility program, Condor Gold also works to take care of the environment by implementing initiatives involving the residents of the La India mining district, including local clean-up days, recycling plastic bottles and reforesting the area.

To reforest the area, Condor Gold has its own forest nursery that produces ornamental and fruit plants. To date, it has donated 9,000 plants to institutions and families in these communities.

As part of its business philosophy, Condor Gold’s fundamental goals are to implement social, economic and environmental programs; which translates into opportunities for everyone who lives in communities around their investment projects.

Condor Gold is a British gold exploration and production company working on the development of the Mina La India Project, the new mine in Nicaragua, where an annual production of 75,000 ounces of gold is planned, making it the second largest mine from the country. .

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