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Conservatives blame Trudeau for ‘damaging relationship’ with India, call for ‘professionalism’


Canada’s conservatives have accused Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of “damaging bilateral relations” with India and called for professionalism as tensions rise over the June shooting death of Sikh independence leader Hardeep Singh Nijjar, who held citizenship. Canadian. The leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, Pierre Poilievre, has indicated that while “it’s okay to have differences”, he has clarified that it is important “to have a good relationship with the Indian government.” He has thus blamed Trudeau for “aggressive actions towards Indian diplomats in connection with public events.” Speaking to the Namaste Radio Toronto station, Poilievre said Trudeau is “turning Canadians against each other” and alluded to the vandalism of Hindu worship centers in the country. “I strongly condemn all threats of attacks on Hindus and threats against their leaders,” he said, before stressing that “charges should be filed against all attacks on Hindu property or persons.” Although he has not mentioned the Sikh community, the Conservative leader has lamented the existence of “hateful comments directed at Hindus in Canada”, particularly through social networks, and has called for complaints about it. “Justin Trudeau is considered a laughing stock in India, the largest democracy in the world,” he said, before stating that India’s own prime minister, Narendra Modi, is upset with the liberals. Last week, Canadian authorities asked their citizens in India to act with “caution” and maintain a “low profile” in conducting their activities in the Asian country and updated their travel warning to the Asian country. The measure came after Ottawa confirmed the withdrawal of 41 diplomats from India amid rising tensions, leaving the number of Canadian diplomatic workers who make up its diplomatic mission at 21. Canada has also suspended all personal services at the consulates in the aforementioned cities and has asked its citizens to “contact” the diplomatic missions “if they need help.” Earlier this month, India gave October 10 to comply with the withdrawal of staff from the Canadian embassy in New Delhi and declared that diplomats who remained on Indian soil after that date would face a withdrawal of their immunity . after Ottawa pointed to alleged Indian involvement in the Sikh leader’s death.

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