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December 15, 2023. Increase in dengue cases in Khammam, Telangana, India

15 December 2023

In Khammam, a city in the state of Telangana i Indiaan alarming increase in cases of dengue. This recovery, detected in recent weeks, marks an alarming trend in the region, known for its tropical climates that favor the spread of mosquitoes. Temples of the Egyptians, transmitter of this disease. Local health authorities have reported a significant increase over the previous year’s data, and are focusing on the need for preventive and control measures.

The situation in Khammam is not isolated; reflects a wider problem affecting several regions of India. Rapid urbanization, combined with stronger monsoon seasons due to climate change, has contributed to the expansion of mosquito habitats, thereby increasing the risk of outbreaks. This increase in Khammam serves as a critical reminder of the importance of epidemiological surveillance and vector control to prevent dengue.

In addition to the local effort, there are calls at national level to strengthen prevention measures, such as the abolition of mosquito breeding grounds and information campaigns. Public health authorities are working closely with local communities to implement effective strategies to mitigate the impact of this disease and protect vulnerable populations.

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India traditionally reports the second highest number of dengue cases globally.

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