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NEW DELHI: PM Modi on Thursday justified his decision not to hold press conferences saying that the nature of the media had changed and that it was not the neutral entity it used to be where journalists promoted their views and ideologies.
“I am accountable to Parliament. Today journalists are identified with their own preferences. Media is no longer a non-partisan entity. People are now also aware of your beliefs. Earlier, media was faceless… who writes in the media, what is its ideology… nobody was worried about it earlier but the situation is not the same anymore,” Modi said in an interview to Aaj Tak Hindi.
Brought new work culture, media call to support it or not: PM Modi
The Prime Minister said a new culture had developed in politics which was centered on controlling the media and not being concerned about performance. “However, I do not believe in treading that path. I have to work hard and reach every household of the poor. I can also get the click of ribbon cutting in Vigyan Bhavan. However, I am going to a small district in Jharkhand for a small project. I have brought a new work culture and it is up to the media to take a call whether they support it or not,” he said.
Asked about allegations that the Election Commission’s independence had been compromised on his watch, Modi hit back by recalling instances of CECs entering politics and holding ministerial posts after their retirement under Congress regimes, and by pointing out that the EC was a one-person unit for 56 years.
“The funny thing is that people who came out of the Electoral Commission sometimes became governors. Sometimes they became MPs. Sometimes they went to contest general elections against Advani ji, they are examples of people who served as Chief Election Commissioner under previous governments. Election commissioners from that era, now retired, still tweet to promote the same political philosophy. They express their opinions and write articles. This only shows that it is only now that the EC has become completely independent,” the Prime Minister said, a reference to former CEC TN Seshan who contested polls against LK Advani and MS Gill, who were nominated to the Rajya Sabha and later became E.U. -minister under UPA regimes.
Responding to the opposition’s claims that more than 400 seats were meant to change the constitution, Modi said: “Who was the first person to tamper with the constitution in this country? It was Pandit Nehru. The changes he made were meant to limit freedom of expression, which was against democracy and against the constitution.”
“Then his daughter (Indira Gandhi) overturned a court verdict and imposed Emergency. Rajiv Gandhi overturned Supreme Court verdict in Shah Bano case and imposed restrictions on media. Congress crown prince (Rahul Gandhi) once tore down the decision of the Union Cabinet,” he said.
The prime minister further said that four different members of the same family have insulted the constitution at different times.

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