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Glória Maria was in 84% of the countries recognized by the United Nations

published on 02/02/2023 11:21 / updated on 02/02/2023 12:35

    (credit: Reproduction/Instagram (@gloriamariareal))

(credit: Reproduction/Instagram (@gloriamariareal))

In her more than 50-year career on television, Glória Maria threw herself headlong into her agenda. The journalist died on Thursday (2/2) at the Copa Star Hospital in Rio de Janeiro. Accustomed to a hectic pace of travel, the journalist was proud of her stamped passport. “Every person was born for one thing and I was born to be in the world”, said Gloria in an interview with the program Lady Nightem 2019.

  • Journalist Gloria Maria

  • Journalist Gloria Maria

  • Journalist Gloria Maria

  • Journalist Glória Maria died on Thursday (2/2) in Rio de Janeiro
    Reproduction/Instagram (@gloriamariareal)

  • Gloria Maria and daughters
    Instagram/ reproduction

  • Glória Maria with Sérgio Chapelin, in 2013
    Globo/Renato Rocha Miranda

  • Glória Maria with Roberto Carlos, in Jerusalem
    TV Globo / Zé Paulo Cardeal

  • Globo/Gloria Maria Publicity in Norway

  • Globo/Gloria Maria Publicity in the Netherlands

  • Gloria Maria at Globo Repórter with Sandra Annemberg
    Globo/Raquel Cunha

  • Gloria Maria in Jerusalem
    TV Globo / Zé Paulo Cardeal

  • In 2009, Glória Maria adopted her two daughters, Maria and Laura, after spending time in Bahia
    Reproduction/Social Media

In total, she has visited 163 countries, as she told the program on the program Late hours, presented by Serginho Groismann, that is, Glória has been in 84% of the countries officially recognized by the United Nations. “When I started traveling I was very poor so I didn’t have money to see the world. I started traveling around Globo TVat the age of 16 to 17, and then I made the world my space” reported the journalist.

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In your participation in Late hours last March she commented on her reluctance to travel during the pandemic “For the first time in my life I discovered that my passport had expired. I panicked! It was in April (2021). This had never happened to me before. I always renew six months in advance. Do you know what I got? My passport is blank. I’m looking forward to getting it stamped,” Glória said.

Glória’s first professional trip was to the United States to cover Jimmy Carter’s inauguration in Washington, still as a reporter for National Newspaper. She threw herself headlong into her agenda, an example being the trip to Jamaica, one of the most memorable. At that time, she participated in a ritual where she tried “ganja” and took a test ride on a roller coaster, and her reaction to the situations made the presenter reach the trending topics on Twitter and on Facebook, the page was created Gloria Maria breeze.

See other countries Glória has been to:

  • China;
  • Brunei
  • Norway
  • Will
  • Macau, where he jumped from the biggest bangee jump in the world
  • Sri Lanka
  • Albania
  • Morocco in the Sahara Desert
  • Wales
  • The Netherlands among others

Glória Maria was responsible for Globo reporter for 12 years she had been away for more than three months due to treatment. The last program she presented was broadcast on August 5, 2022. She was born in Vila Isabel, in the northern zone of Rio, and graduated in journalism at the Pontifical Catholic University (PUC) of Rio. Her first internship was in the program for Chacrinha, i Globestill in the 1960s.

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