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India and Kazakhstan to conduct joint military exercise

The group composed of 90 troops, led by a battalion of the Dogra infantry regiment, traveled this Sunday to the Kazakh region of Otar, where the maneuver called KAZIND-2023 will take place, the Ministry of Defense reported.

For Kazakhstan, personnel from the Southern Regional Command of the Land Forces will mainly participate, and in this edition, 30 personnel from the air forces of both countries were included, explains a statement from the military unit.

Both armies will practice conducting counter-terrorism operations in a sub-conventional environment under the UN mandate.

They will practice tactics including raid operations, search and destroy, deployment and extraction of small teams, etc.

The scope of the exercise also includes performing unmanned aerial systems operations.

The KAZIND-2023 exercise will provide an opportunity to learn about each other’s tactics, combat exercises and procedures, which is a prerequisite when operating under the UN framework.

Joint training will develop the skills, resilience and coordination necessary to conduct joint military operations in semi-urban and urban environments.

Both contingents will have the opportunity to practice exercises in a wide spectrum of fighting skills and exchange experiences.

The exercise will set the stage for contingents to share views and best practices and strengthen relations between both armies.


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