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India and the IAEA to enhance joint cooperation and towards the Global South

The day before, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Rafael Grossi, Director General of the IAEA, visited New Delhi to explore how to expand the role of nuclear energy based on India’s goal of a net zero emission commitment to the atmosphere.

In addition, they discussed expanding the applications of nuclear technology in areas such as food, health, water treatment and the fight against plastic pollution in the Global South.

During the meeting, Modi emphasized India’s continued commitment to the safe use of nuclear energy for peace and development.

He also shared his country’s goal of improving the ratio of nuclear power generation capacity to environmentally friendly levels.

On his part, the IAEA Director General praised India’s impeccable record as a responsible nuclear power and its progress in nuclear science and technology.

Grossi acknowledged India’s global leadership in civil nuclear applications for social benefits.

According to the Prime Minister’s Office, both agreed to analyze new alternatives for cooperation between India and the IAEA to expand the use of civil nuclear technology in the Global South.

As part of his program in India, Rossi met with the Indian foreign minister, a meeting where the importance of nuclear energy for development, views on non-proliferation and international cooperation were discussed.

They also discussed the issue of Ukraine, the Director General of the IAEA confirmed in a post on the X platform, formerly Twitter.

The IAEA is a global center for cooperation in the nuclear field to promote the use of these technologies for peaceful purposes and under safety and security conditions.


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