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India: Bike taxi driver masturbates mid-ride, sexually harasses woman over texts

A shocking incident has come to light in India’s southern city of Bengaluru where a bike taxi driver masturbated and sexually harassed a woman passenger. The woman, named Athira, took to Twitter to share her ordeal where she revealed how the driver chased her, even after the ride was completed.

The woman said she had gone to take part in a protest at Town Hall where people had gathered to show solidarity with the survivors of violence in Manipur. To return home, she booked a bike taxi on the Rapido app. However, the driver arrived on a bike, different to the one registered and shown in the app.

“Surprisingly, the driver arrived on a different bike, explaining that the one registered with @rapidobikeapp was under servicing. I confirmed my booking through his app and proceeded with the ride.”

Midway through the journey, the driver started riding the vehicle with one hand while masturbating with the other. The woman said she did not protest, fearing for her safety as they were in a remote area with no other vehicles around.

“During the journey, we reached a remote area with no other vehicles around. Shockingly, the driver began riding with one hand and engaging in inappropriate behavior (Masturbating while riding the bike). Fearing for my safety, I remained silent throughout the ordeal,” she wrote.

To avoid being chased by the driver, she asked him to drop her 200 meters before the actual destination. However, what should have been the end of the ordeal only escalated further as the driver started calling and texting her on WhatsApp.

In one of the screenshots shared, the driver could be seen professing his one-sided love, despite the obvious reluctance from the woman. After Athira’s tweet went viral, the official handle of Bengaluru police responded to the allegations and asked for the user’s contact details.

In a tweet, the city police wrote, “We have informed to@sjparkps to take necessary action in this regard, Please DM your contact number.”

Athira informed on Saturday (July 22) that she had filed a complaint with the police and the driver had been arrested. She added that it was not an isolated incident with Rapido.

“This is not an isolated incident with @rapidobikeapp, and I’m determined to pursue legal action against the driver and demand an investigation into Rapidos’ safety measures,” she said.

Earlier this year a 30-year-old woman jumped off a moving Rapido after the driver attempted to pit here.

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