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India condemns rise in fake labor contracts abroad

In a statement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Asian country warned its citizens of an increase in fraud related to misleading job proposals abroad from recruitment agents not registered by this organization.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that charges between 200,000 and 500,000 Indian rupees, between 2,400 and more than six thousand dollars, have been discovered by people operating without the license required for any of these procedures.

Many of these illegal agents operate through social networks such as Facebook and WhatsApp, text messages and other similar means, through agencies that provide little or no contact or details of their whereabouts, according to the official note.

They typically only communicate via Whatsapp, making it difficult to determine the location and identity of the caller and the authenticity of the job offer, and sometimes they lure the duped into working under difficult and threatening conditions. Their lives are in danger, the government unit said.

He clarified that a valid job offer is accompanied by an employment contract duly signed by the foreign employer, the recruitment agent and the migrant worker.

This document must mention the terms and conditions of the work offered and the salary and other fees, he stressed.

The State Department added that valid job offers must allow the applicant to emigrate on an employment visa or other similar visa, but not a tourist visa, and that reputable foreign employers usually cover the costs of airfare, accommodation and transportation.

Therefore, it requested those seeking work abroad to use only the safe and legal services of registered recruitment agents (RAs) who have a license number clearly displayed in their office premises and in their advertisements, included in newspapers and social networks.

The Ministry of External Affairs advised potential emigrants to check the authenticity of the RA by visiting the government website www.emigrate.gov.in which contains this information.

Similarly, it warned all unregistered agencies to desist from engaging in such activities as it is considered a serious crime and a violation of the Emigration Act of 1983, which amounts to human trafficking.


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