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India sets a date for its footprint on the Moon

India has joined the space race and does not want to be left behind. Its prime minister, Narendra Modi, has spoken to the president of the country’s space agency, Jitendra Singh, so that by 2035 they will have their own space station.

The middle Atalayar reports that India aims to see the first pair of local astronauts walk on the Moon by the year 2040. In this way, the country wants to demonstrate to the rest of the world that it has the skills to stay in the space race.

So the priority for Modi is the manned aircraft program. The first step will be the manned Gangayaan mission, which will be key to inhabiting the future space station, which they plan to place at an altitude of 400 kilometers.

India’s latest space triumphs

Last August, India’s space agency made history with a lunar landing on the Moon’s south pole. The mission made it possible to take the first pictures of this unexplored lunar region. But not only that, it became the first country to land on the South Pole, as well as the fourth power to land on the satellite.

In September, it continued its space mission and launched its first mission to study the Sun. The probe has orbited the Earth for sixteen days to gain speed and reach the first Lagrange point -between the Sun and our planet-. Although it will take about four months to get there.

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