INDIAN SNAKE | A giant snake sneaks into a house in India

They find a pgiant snake in a private house in India, at more than five meters long and with a weight greater than 80 kilos. The species is a Burmese python, native to the country.

The owners of this house found the snake in it the home’s terrace, although at first they mistook it for a rope. They quickly notified the authorities, which took a while. several hours to capture and move the animal to a forest in the area.

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This event worries not only this family, but also other neighbors with houses in the area, as it is a dangerous animal. And more considering that they have left him in a nearby forest.

This species of snake is unusual, which can measure up to seven meters. It is native to India, although it can also be found in PAkistan, Nepal and Indochina.

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