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Israeli siege of Gaza continues as calls for a ceasefire grow | News

Israel’s siege of the Gaza Strip continues this Sunday as the conflict marks 23 days of continuous bombardment by occupation forces on the Palestinian territory, amid calls from the international community for Tel Aviv to immediately end the attacks.


The death toll from Israeli attacks in Gaza is close to 8,000

After communications were partially restored in Gaza’s cities, following the massive blackout of almost two days produced by Israel, the extent of the massacres committed by the invading army in the strip in the last 48 hours became known.

Amidst this panorama, the occupying army continued this Sunday with successive bombings while carrying out short ground interventions while massing its troops on the border with Gaza.

The surrounding Gaza Strip has already restored internet service and communications, but difficulties remain in the south and center of the region, while dozens of hospitals are closed due to the Israeli siege.

Israeli forces have committed 50 massacres within the last hours

The spokesman for the Ministry of Health in Gaza, Ashraf al-Qudra, announced on Sunday that the Israeli occupation committed 50 massacres against civilians in the Gaza Strip.

The spokesman warned that the health system has seriously deteriorated due to lack of fuel and medical supplies.

“We have reached a stage where the delivery of medical services is failing,” al-Qudra said in a press release, explaining that there are hundreds of injured people who need emergency surgery.

Israeli occupation forces threaten Al-Quds hospital: it will be bombed

The Palestinian Red Crescent said on Sunday it received strong threats from the Israeli occupation force to “immediately evacuate” Al-Quds Hospital in the Gaza Strip “because it would be bombed.”

In a statement, the Society added that since morning, the perimeter of Al-Quds hospital has witnessed sustained attacks that have destroyed some of the surrounding buildings.

The Israeli army calls on Palestinian resistance fighters in Gaza to surrender

Also during the tragic day this Sunday, it was learned that the Israeli army called on the Palestinian resistance fighters in Gaza to surrender before its troops entered the occupied territory.

“The Hamas leaders are taking advantage of you. They and their families are in safe places, while you will die in vain,” reads a leaflet dropped by the Israeli army from the air in Gaza.

“The leaders of Hamas started a lost war,” added the statement, which also condemned the crimes committed by the group during the massacre of Israelis on October 7, “contrary to the Muslim religion.”

Inside Gaza, Palestinian officials have confirmed that water will again be pumped from the second of three pipelines supplying Gaza.

Head of the Palestinian Water Authority, Mazen Ghoneim, said the development will reduce water shortages in the enclave amid ongoing Israeli aggression.

Guterres: Gaza is experiencing a humanitarian disaster

Regarding the ongoing siege in the Strip, UN Secretary-General António Guterres warned that the situation in Gaza is rapidly deteriorating and assured that “the number of civilian deaths and injuries is unacceptable.”

“The world is witnessing a humanitarian disaster and the situation in Gaza is becoming more desperate by the hour as more than two million people are deprived of the basic needs of life, such as food, water, shelter and healthcare,” Guterres said during a visit to Nepal’s capital, Kathmandu.

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