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Márquez, to the ground as he fought for the podium in India, but comes back

After achieving a podium that he himself described as surprising in Saturday’s sprint race in India, Marquez He was trying to hold on to the front of the main race at the Buddh International Circuit on Sunday when he lost control of Honda.

Trying not to lose ground with Pecco Bagnaia chasing Jorge Martín while Marco Bezzecchi got away in front, Márquez overbraked slightly in the first turn 1 and went to the ground, although he quickly managed to control the bike, he managed to stop it. stopped, he picked her up and was able to continue walking.

“He brakes late, he really closes the gap, he forces the entry and when he releases the brake it goes away, but very soft, almost imperceptible. Maybe a little too late, but it’s normal, in this corner we’ve seen that All weekend was difficult to square. To force, that’s what it has,” Dani Pedrosa said on the broadcast.

On Saturday, Márquez admitted that he forced his braking and that to maintain such a high pace with his bike he had to go very hard to the limit, not knowing if he could do it in the long run.

After his incident, Márquez dropped out of the points, 16th, but took advantage of good pace and other incidents to move forward and ended up in the top 10. In fact, he finished ninth, adding 7 points to the 7 he achieved. Saturday leaves the Indian GP weekend with 14 units and good feelings.

His teammate Joan Mir, who inherited fourth after the ’93 incident, ended up giving up to Brad Binder and had to settle for fifth after crashing the day before.

However, Marcs was not the picture of the day, as the championship leader, Pecco Bagnaiahe fell to the ground as he wrestled with Jorge Martin to be number two. That abandonment, along with the 20 points taken by the Spaniard, leaves the gap between the top two in the world championship at just 13 points. Everything is open!

Watch Pecco’s fall:

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