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MAT Holding will invoice more than 400 million by 2023 and open a factory in India

Barcelona, ​​​​​​​​27. October (EFE).- MAT Holding, which produces solutions for crop protection, agricultural irrigation and water supply, filtration and treatment, is opening a factory in India in the coming months and plans to close 2023 with a turnover of approx. more than 400 million compared to 364 million in 2023.

This was explained on Friday by the CEO of MAT Holding, Pau Relat, who participated in a round table discussion on the keys to the success of medium-sized companies during the presentation of the study ‘Radiography, keys and challenges of the Intermediate-Sized Company’, an event organized by Cercle d’Economia, CRE100DO Foundation and PwC.

Relat has explained that the group, which is present in 140 countries, plans to close 2023 with a turnover of more than 400 million euros and that 75% of sales come from abroad.

MAT Holding, which has around 1,200 employees, has seven production facilities, the last of which will open in the coming months in India, where it already has facilities.

Regarding the two production facilities that the group has in Israel, Relat has indicated that the situation is “complicated” but that they continue to work in the country.

During his speech at the roundtable, Relat pointed out that the projects the group is working on try to address challenges such as climate change, population growth and water scarcity issues, all with “a global vision”.

He has also highlighted the importance of “senior talent” and internal talent in companies and has asked the administration for administrative simplification and competitive taxation. EFE


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