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MLB Reacts – Should the Cincinnati Reds shop Jonathan India this trade deadline?

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Two years is an eon in the modern game of baseball, with turnover on rosters and expedited tank-rebuilds dominating the sport. For instance, there were a whopping 32 pitchers used by the Cincinnati Reds at the big league level during the 2021 season, and a grand total of one currently resides on the team’s active roster in 2023 (Lucas Sims).

These Reds are new Reds, and they’re getting newer by the minute.

With the team in contention for a playoff spot, their strengths and flaws become more highlighted. They’ve got a wealth of young (read: cheap) position players who have already broken through, and even more behind them, yet the turnover and injuries plaguing their pitching staff have often exposed that arena as an achilles heel.

That brings us to Jonathan India, who was the National League Rookie of the Year all the way back in 2021. He’ll be arbitration-eligible this winter (read: getting expensive), and he may have already been usurped on the depth chart by the team’s talented wave of rookies. Unsurprisingly, that has led to his name popping up in potential trade ideas as the Reds look to re-address their staff.

What say you? Should the Reds continue to build around India as the current face of the franchise, or is it time to cash-in on his successes with the depth at his position so robust?

Let us know below!

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