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Nepal and China are evaluating the start of a joint energy project

Officials from both countries will arrange a meeting to establish the joint mechanism for the initiative, concluded with the signing of an agreement signed during the visit to China last September by the Nepalese Prime Minister, Pushpa Kamal Dahal, Komal Nath Atreya, head of the project .

With the signing of the agreement, China committed to providing subsidies to build the cross-border power line at an early stage, according to a report in the Kathmandu Post newspaper.

It would be the first power line between the two nations, while Nepal has a dozen of this type with its southern neighbor: India, the newspaper recalled.

According to Atreya, both parties are analyzing the date of the meeting between the working groups of the two countries involved.

China agreed to finance a 16-kilometer stretch on the Nepal side, in addition to building the transmission line on its territory about 80 kilometers from the shared border, the official said.

In addition to developing an implementation modality, a new detailed project report and an environmental impact assessment will also need to be conducted, the Kathmandu Post reported based on statements from Dirghayu Kumar Shrestha, head of the transmission directorate of the Nepal Electricity Authority.


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