Physiotherapist Julián Laguna goes to India for the 50 kilometer road world championship | Ávilared

Six male and four female athletes will take part in this event, which will try to repeat the major European event of a year ago, where Houssame Benabbou and Alberto Puyuelo won gold and silver respectively.

Julián Laguna, a physiotherapist based in Ávila, will also return to be part of the Spanish athletics team in charge of physical preparation tasks in the days leading up to this major world athletics event, having also participated in the biggest trail event. year, which was the world championships held in Innsbruck (Austria) in mid-June.

Physiotherapy work in the days before events of this type “is based on muscle relaxation therapies, especially in the legs of the athletes, however without forgetting such important areas as the lumbopelvic region or the cervical region,” according to Laguna. , which provides its services at the Praxis Physiotherapy Center, in Ávila.

Massage techniques, stretching, joint mobilization and manual therapies are the basis of the treatments. The coordination with the coaches and those responsible for the Royal Spanish Athletics Federation (RFEA) expedition to these competitions also focuses important work time to be able to give the athletes the best possible attention to all their needs in the days before. , he pointed out.

“When all is said and done, the physical therapists return to action and care for the hard-working athletes,” as “it’s time to restore the body and perform rehabilitative tasks such as gentle mobilizations, application of cryotherapy, massage, etc.”

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