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Popular solidarity with Palestine will continue this week in India

New Delhi, October 30 (Prensa Latina) Palestinian solidarity organizations in India will hold a public event in Mumbai on November 1 to demand an end to Israel’s genocidal war in the Palestinian territories, it was announced today.

According to the call, activists and representatives of various political opposition parties will address the meeting, organized by All India Peace and Solidarity Organization (Aipso) and The India Palestine Solidarity Forum.

The participants will also demand an end to the Israeli occupation and pray for justice and peace for the Palestinians.

The day before, members of the Politburo and Central Committee of the Marxist Communist Party of India, CPI(M) staged a sit-in in New Delhi to express their rejection of Israel’s genocidal attack on the Gaza Strip.

Its Secretary General, Sitaram Yechury, expressed the political group’s categorical support for the resolution recently adopted at the United Nations calling for an immediate end to Israeli hostilities in the occupied territories and urgent aid to the Palestinians.

He assured that the imperialist conspiracy and fraud have denied the Palestinians their land for many years and condemned the massacre that Israel is currently committing, mainly in Gaza, where more than eight thousand people have died, most of them children, and tens of thousands. was injured, he said.

Yechury described the actions of the Zionist government as inhuman barbarism that must stop immediately, and accused Tel Aviv’s allies and those who justify these actions of being complicit in the genocide.

Other CPI(M) leaders, including Pinarayi Vijayan, chief minister of Kerala state, warned of consequences if the Israeli massacre is not stopped.

Vijayan also lamented his country’s abstention from the UN resolution which, in addition to demanding an immediate and lasting humanitarian ceasefire, rejects the forced transfer of the Palestinian civilian population.


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