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Sale and consumption of cigarettes prohibited in Nepal’s capital

The head of the health department, Ram Prasad Poudel, assured The Kathmandu Post that a total ban on the sale of tobacco products has been introduced in the metropolis’s 32 districts.

According to the official, raw tobacco, chewing tobacco, products like bidi, tambakhu, sulfa, gutkha and panparag and those packed in plastic and bags are illegal.

The announcement was announced on November 28 through public notice, he recalled.

Poudel stated that the Kathmandu police will confiscate such products from those who try to violate the provision.

We are on a campaign to make Kathmandu a healthy city and have decided to ban the storage, sale and use of tobacco products that are harmful to people’s health and the environment, he noted.

The initiative, supported by legislation, is strictly implemented in an effort to reduce the negative effects that the use of tobacco products has on individual health, he said.

Tobacco control is the first condition to improve public health and the environment in the city, he said, hinting at the possibility of other measures in a second phase.


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