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Solidarity Project in Nepal | News La Tribuna de Albacete

Pedro Bayo and his group of friends have just returned from Nepal, where they are developing a solidarity project to help the most needy in the country. A trip which, according to what he said, they must repeat in December, once they have verified how the conditions are in the areas and orphanages they have visited, with which they collaborate, both with sports and health equipment.

Pedro Bayo himself confirmed to La Tribuna de Albacete that “we have just returned from Nepal, from Kathmandu, and like all the trips we have made, it has gone very well, especially full of heart because, like the rest of ​​the editions we dedicate ourselves, besides visiting some monuments, to helping people, and this trip has undoubtedly been very special because we have started to cooperate with the orphanage Hetauda, ​​​​in a small town 30 kilometers from Kathmandu, which serves more than 100 children with intellectual disabilities and is run by Catalan Aina Barca. “We met him first hand and we were all really shocked.”

Pedro Bayo pointed out that “in Nepal, the caste system that governs society does not help at the family level, especially if there are people with problems of various kinds. In this orphanage, I seem to remember, they have 110 children, intellectually disabled, who no one has resources and no one takes care of them. This girl, Aina Barca, is really committed to them and for four years she has been building the orphanage little by little, and in addition, in the city of Kathmandu, she has opened another one, for another 30 children . We had the pleasure of visiting them and enjoying the atmosphere. Volunteers from all over the world work with them, doctors, physiotherapists, teachers and we also did our part by giving them all the material we brought from Albacete.

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