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Support for Palestine in India resonates on social networks

Under the hashtags #IndiaWithPalestine #FreePalestine, #FromTheRiverToTheSea, users of the X platform, formerly Twitter, shared videos and photos to let the world know that many residents of India support the independence and freedom of Palestine.

Accompanied by phrases from Mahatma Gandhi, several messages demanded an end to the intense bombings in the Gaza Strip and Israeli apartheid.

Other users celebrated the humanitarian aid sent by the Indian authorities to the besieged areas.

Several videos showed the massive protests that have recently taken place in Calcutta, Pune, Kerala and other territories since the beginning of Israel’s intense bombing of civilians in Gaza.

Bihar rose up against Israel’s genocide in Gaza. CPIML, Insaf Manch and RYA are holding protests across the state. From Arrah to Nawada, from Darbhanga to Orai, from Bihta to Rohtas, the whole week resounded with calls for justice and liberation for the people of Palestine, said a publication on Platform X.

On the other hand, the day before, a representation of the Students Federation of India (SFI) staged a new protest against the Zionist genocide in New Delhi, but the demonstration was interrupted by the police when the students were heading towards the Israeli embassy.

There was also a demonstration in support of Palestine and against Israeli terrorism in front of the Delhi University campus.


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