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Suzuki Jimny, returning, 5 doors and made in India

As much as Suzuki cannot boast of having a huge market share in Europe, the Japanese brand can boast of having had one of the most emblematic models in its catalog, Jimmy Suzuki.

A model suited to be a very compact size SUV with a very distinctive design and hardly any direct competitors on the market. The problem in your case is that a good portion of the world markets have been out of the Japanese brand’s catalogs for years now, although thankfully that’s something that may soon change.

It was last January when the Japanese brand presented the new version of this model, a five-door version that was intended to be sold in certain Asian countries, including India, the country where this model is actually manufactured .

Suzuki Jimny’s possible return to Europe

Through the association Maruti Suzuki, association through which the Japanese brand sells its cars in the Indian market, this model has already started being manufactured and sold in a market where this type of compact SUV has much more presence and much more share than others globally.

In theory, this model should be sold in some South American markets and in some African markets in addition to the Indian market, but considering that it has created a lot of expectations in the domestic market as well Suzuki As it does in Japan, the brand also decided to put it on sale in Japanese countries.

As it could not be otherwise, and even if it is a model manufactured in India and that it should therefore undergo some revisions in order to be sold in other markets, there are many who, faced with this movement of Sophocles, sell Jimmy which is made in India in its home market, points to the possibility that the Japanese brand will also sell this model to markets like Europe.

Of course, it is most likely that in the event that the Jimny is available again on the roads of the old continent, it will do so with a different mechanism, probably an electrified mechanism taking into account that the keys to the Japanese brand undergo increase the number of electric cars for sale in Europe.

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