The blow of a stone to Juan Vallejo, an added difficulty to the hard attempt of Phurbi Chhyachu

They are now resting in the safety of Base Camp after a demanding and complicated descent down a virgin ridge of Phurbi Chhyachu Nepalese (6,637 m). The Navarrese Mikel Zabalza e Iker Madoz and Alava Juan Vallejo They completed the descent a day after giving up on reaching the summit, only 50 “easy” meters away from it. And with his arrival to the tranquility of the basethe three mountaineers have already been able to communicate some details that they will surely elaborate on in a few days when, after returning to Kathmandu, they take the flight back to Spain.

The most important is undoubtedly that Juan Vallejo suffered an accident during the ascent to the summit: A stone block fell on one of his legs. A situation that added pressure and seriousness to the activity, already very demanding and complicated by “the heavy blizzard, low visibility and cold” which the climbers had to face in a technically very complicated terrain, with a wind-exposed edge and continuous ascent and descent.

Fortunately, the veteran mountaineer is from Alava He has been able to get down “on his own and does not need rescue” in an attempt where the group, it has now confirmed, continued “a new route, along a virgin edge”. It is worth remembering that the only ascents so far made on this mountain, located in the remote area Jugal Himal (on the border between Nepal and China), was carried out by a Japanese heavy expedition in May 1986.

“Hard day with conditions and cold. We have finished the route, but we have not gone to the top. It was very bad. We stayed about 50 meters from the top and it was easy“, Zabalza had announced this Tuesday, the 25th, in the Basque Navarre team’s second attempt after previously giving up at 6,200 meters due to the strong wind that hit them in a first attempt. “Joy. We have done enough for the day,” stressed Madoz.

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