The celebration of the 500th anniversary of the University of Granada is extended by 5 years from 2026

Granada, October 24 (EFE).- The commemoration, in 2031, of the fifth century of the University of Granada will advance its start to 2026, so that the commemorative program, which will cover, among other things, cultural, heritage and sports performances, will stretch five years .

The rector of the University of Granada, Pedro Mercado, explained this Monday in a press conference that the commemoration will begin in 2026, coinciding with an anniversary with the date on which Charles V dictated the royal decree for the completion of the university, and it will in 2031 conclude with its final constitution after Pope Clement VI’s signing of the bull.

The academic institution, Mercado has indicated, has already launched the machinery for the design of the program with which the commemoration will begin, which also aims to bring to light “the entire heritage of the university, not only the architectural but also the material” .

There will therefore be actions – some already started – to rehabilitate the heritage, like the one that will be carried out in the Patio de los Mármoles, for which they have already requested 2% cultural, as well as exhibitions and other activities.

“The fifth century must be read in two keys: to recover the heritage of our past and to look to the future,” said the Chancellor, who has placed this project among the most important to be carried out by the academic institution.

The other two are those related to research into the future installation of the Ifmif-Dones particle accelerator and those linked to the development of artificial intelligence, which in his opinion should cover all areas of knowledge.

To them it has added other major strategic projects linked to sustainability and those related to the development of the Sugar Factory.

In terms of infrastructure, Mercado has referred to the rehabilitation of the university swimming pool on the Fuentenueva Campus, whose work will begin in three months, so that it can be ready in about a year and a half, and to the transfer of the Faculty of Dentistry to the Health Sciences Campus, whose project is in the review phase, so it will not be completed until two and a half or three years. EFE


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