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The Indian Navy monitors the hijacking of ships in the Arabian Sea

The ship, with 18 crew members on board, sent an emergency message the day before indicating the boarding of six unknown people, according to an official note.

In a quick response to the developing situation, the Indian Navy diverted its Naval Maritime Patrol aircraft conducting surveillance in the area and its warship on anti-piracy patrol in the Gulf of Aden to locate and assist the MV Ruen, he explained. .

The aircraft flew over the hijacked ship in the early hours of yesterday and other IN aircraft are continuously monitoring the movement of the ship, which is now heading towards the coast of Somalia, the military said.

The text adds that the Indian Navy warship, whose mission is deployed in the Gulf of Aden to patrol against piracy, also intercepted the MV Ruen in the early hours of this Saturday.

The overall situation is closely monitored in coordination with other agencies in the area, the Ministry of Defense informs.

The Indian Navy remains committed to being the first responder in the region and ensuring the safety of merchant ships along with international partners and friendly foreign countries, he said.


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