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The name of the person accused of attempted murder appears to be related to 7 other deaths

Bilbao, October 24 (EFE) – The name of the young man prosecuted in the Bizkaia court for trying to kill a man whom he contacted through a gay dating application appears in the investigation of seven deaths among other men who initially seemed natural, as well as another attempted murder.

This has been indicated by two ertzainas of the Central Criminal Investigation Unit for crimes against persons who testified on Tuesday in the second session of the oral hearing for the attempted crime committed on December 17, 2021 in the victim’s home. in the old town of Bilbao.

As explained by the agents, their unit was assigned to investigate this attempted murder on April 29, 2022, as the accused, NMB, 25 years old and born in Colombia, “could be a possible serial killer.”

“There are many indications of the accused’s possible relationship to the seven deaths because they share common characteristics: the homosexual state of the victims; they appeared lying on the couch with no evidence of violence… and days after these deaths, the accused. took money and bought various things with his bank cards”, according to what they have stated.

After specifying that the investigation into these deaths is “still ongoing”, they have maintained that the accused surrendered at the Irún police station (Gipuzkoa) in May 2022 because news, with his photo, of a possible killer in series and “was cornered.”

“In the room where he lived in Irún, we found bank documentation of purchases with the deceased’s card and bizums made minutes after their death,” they reported, stating that they only found the mobile phones of some of the deceased – the rest were believed to have been stolen — and “they were all using the same dating app.”

Ertzantza’s hypothesis is that these people could have been attacked with the “hug or mataleón technique”, which produces suffocation.

In yesterday’s session, the defendant admitted he was a “card holder” and that he and three other people – who have not been located – were involved in stealing bank cards and keys to withdraw money and “go out partying.”

In relation to the specific case being dealt with now, he also admitted that he had contacted the victim to have sexual relations because he was “bisexual”, despite having a girlfriend, and that he “on a first impulse” attacked him by hugging him from behind, presumably to rob him, but he immediately “stopped and ran away.”

In today’s session, the defendant’s girlfriend, with whom he has been in a relationship since the summer of 2021, and who at the time lived in Murcia with his father, because “he was finishing high school” also testified.

This young woman, protected by a screen, has assured that until the moment the news was published in the media, she was unaware of her boyfriend’s “sexual orientation” and that she also did not know that he was using drugs when she was in front her “he never did.”

Regarding the defendant’s handling of money, he has stated that he was not surprised because he had told him that he was dedicated to “making mistakes” and “people who work ‘under the hood’ and on the construction site earn very well.”

The psychiatrist treating the victim of the attempted murder, who is on trial, also testified and reported that he subsequently suffered from acute post-traumatic stress disorder of anxiety and anguish, from which “he is making satisfactory progress.”

The prosecution demands 9 years in prison for a crime of attempted murder, and the popular action on behalf of the association of gays, lesbians, trans, bisexuals and intersexuals of Euskadi, Add, increases the sentence to more than 17 years, considering the facts of an attempted murder with the aggravating factor of having committed the crime due to discrimination of gender, orientation or sexual identity. EFE


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