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In fiction, we know that Netflix has produced in a very short time, a large number of projects. From TV series to documentaries, including reality shows even movies in all genres. In this way, the Californian company has to some extent conquered, the streaming market. Even if we were to put the good and the bad on a scale, we would definitely end up declaring that the brand founded by Red Hastings and Marc Randolph has funded more mediocre products than, say, “masterpieces”. However, this has one major format exception for the company: the area of ​​animation. The Netflix movie you’re about to watch now lives in that field. We are talking about Peak of the Gods.

‘The Summit of the Gods’ (Netflix)

Peak of the Gods It is a French film based on the great manga created by Jiro Taniguchi. A fiction that is also the second film in the career of Patrick Imbert, who already distinguished himself as a filmmaker in The evil ferocious fox, his animated debut. But What is this adult animated story about?

‘The Summit of the Gods’: synopsis and trailer

The official synopsis of Peak of the Gods then says: “Fukamachi, an intrepid photographer, discovers in Kathmandu, Nepal, a camera that may have belonged to George Mallory, a mountaineer who went missing while climbing Everest. After meeting Habu Jojo, a famous climber, the two set out to unearth this lost piece of history.”

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‘The Summit of the Gods’ (Netflix)

This proposal full of style and 1 and a half hours long, arrived on the platform almost a year ago, on 30 November 2021. Since then, it has positioned itself as one of the little hidden gems in the video-on-demand service. In addition to public support, Peak of the Gods got unanimity among specialized critics. A story that has a direct Japanese namesake from 2016 that was not so stimulating for the international press.

‘The Summit of the Gods’ (Netflix)

Animation: success story for Netflix

Peak of the Gods It’s not the only movie on Netflix who have achieved success in animation. This format is the only one that has remained stable and has not caused any errors for the company. So much so that proposals such as Claus, Mitchells against the machines island The sea monster They managed to achieve a status that rivaled DreamWorks, Pixar and Disney, the true giants of the field.

This year “the big red N” surprised us again with Nimonaa controversial children’s story that was the first to host LGTBIQ content.

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