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Villaviciosa news | Completely relevant

The couple enjoyed gastronomy in a well-known cider house in Villaviciosa, and were seen at the Cider Festival, where the artist participated in one of the organized workshops, “Mayando se understand la gente”, where he could pour his own sweet. cider.

Villaviciosa, the Puente del Pilar of the past, attracted numerous visitors and among them one of the most fashionable couples in Spanish cinema could be seen, the actors Álex García and Verónica Echegui. The famous couple was spotted on the streets of La Villa, sparking curiosity among the many people who know them for their presence on TV, in films and in the media.

Born in Tenerife, Álex García debuted on national television in 2001 in the series “Compañeros”. He would later appear in other successful productions such as “Without breasts there is no paradise”, “Amar en tiempo revueltos” or more recently “Antidisturbios” or “El immortal”. On the big screen, she has had roles in “Six Points About Emma”, where she met Echegui, “Kiki, Love is Made” or “Until the wedding do us part”.

For her part, Verónica Echegui became famous in 2006 for her leading role in “Yo soy la Juani”, for which she was nominated for the “Goya” for best new actress. This role was followed by others such as “The Patio of My Prison”, “Kathmandú, a Mirror in the Sky” and “The Great Spanish Family”. As a director, she won the “Goya” for best fiction short film for “Tótem Loba” in 2022.

The famous actor enjoyed the activity “Mayando is understood by people”, sharing with the people who came to greet him and take souvenir photos, he was very fond of Villaviciosa, highlighting its landscape, gastronomy and planned activities on the occasion of Apple Festival.

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