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Who is Jane Dipika Garret, the representative of Nepal in Miss Universe 2023

This Saturday, November 18 at 20:00 the crowning of the next Miss Universe will be held in the city of San Salvador, El Salvador. The contestant who wins the title that night will replace R’Bonney Gabriel, the current holder of the crown.

This year, some changes have been implemented in the rules and requirements required of candidates to participate in this competition. Among them, the rule that only biological women, single and without children, could participate was lifted. Additionally, size and height requirements were eliminated.

Who is Jane Dipika Garrett?

Among the 90 women who participated in Miss Universe, there are two mothers, Camila Avella and Michelle Cohn; a transgender contestant, Rikkie Valerie Koll√©, and one who calls herself ‘Plus Size’, Jane Dipika Garret. This is the first time a plus size contestant or as some prefer to call her real size.

Dipika Garret is the representative of Nepal in Miss Universe. According to Elle magazine, She is 22 years old and has worked as a model and nurse. Although she is American by birth and lived in Washington DC for a long time, her family is from Nepal, so she decided to move to the Asian country in 2018.

Her goal at Miss Universe is to promote body acceptance in all its shapes and sizes, she is also an advocate for body positivity, hormonal health and women’s mental health. In his own words, Beauty does not have a single mold, every woman is beautiful just as she is; and that’s how he won the most popular competition in his country.

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