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Shortage of Coal Supply in India’s Thermal Plants

According to a recent report, India’s thermal plants are experiencing a critical shortage of coal supply. The country’s largest thermal power generation company, NTPC Ltd, revealed that its power plants only have enough coal for 8.5 days. This is well below the government’s recommended norms, which suggest maintaining 20 to …

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Popular solidarity with Palestine will continue this week in India

New Delhi, October 30 (Prensa Latina) Palestinian solidarity organizations in India will hold a public event in Mumbai on November 1 to demand an end to Israel’s genocidal war in the Palestinian territories, it was announced today. According to the call, activists and representatives of various political opposition parties will …

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The best active strategies to invest in India

After rapid economic growth of 7.2% in FY 2022-2023, economic momentum has been strong in the first half of 2023. The S&P Global India Services PMI Business Activity Index for July signaled brisk expansion, continued production and new orders, while PMI- the survey for the manufacturing sector in July also …

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The Indian fuel market reflects global price dynamics

In a slight change, petrol and diesel prices saw little change in several cities in India on October 30, 2023. Meanwhile, a slight decline was recorded in the international crude oil market, with WTI selling at $84.82 per barrel. barrel and Brent at $89.84 per barrel. Indian oil companies announced …

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The Indian market started the day losing ground on October 30

This year, the markets have recorded constant volatility. (Infobae) Negative day for Nice 50which opens the session on Monday, October 30 with small declines in the 0.17%till 19,015.45 points, after the start of the opening session. By analyzing this data with data from previous days Nice 50 It reverses the …

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The luxury cars of India’s richest businessmen

India has always been a land of opportunities and many entrepreneurs have been able to exploit these opportunities for their own benefit and the overall welfare of the country. These successful people have not only built prestigious businesses and emporiums but have also attracted attention for their choice of luxurious …

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